Kosher Food in Hong Kong Foodservice

Have you ever heard about the term kosher? Do you know what does it mean by the kosher food? This article will help you in learning more about what does it mean by kosher.

What is Kosher?

Kosher is basically those foods which completely meet all the requirements of the Jewish Law and Regulations. The kosher foods are those which conform to the Kashrut which is a dietary law or Jewish dietary regulation. According to their law, those foods are kosher foods which are absolutely fit for consumption and do not harm the body. However, the foods which are not according to the Jewish Dietary Laws and Regulations, are called as treif. The Kosher foods are basically divided into the three major categories. The first one is meat, the second is dairy, and the third one is pareve. Pareve are those food items which are neither dairy nor meat, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. In order to be a kosher food, these three categories must meet the dietary laws of Jewish food industry.


Kosher Food Influence in Hong Kong Restaurants and Foodservice

In Hong Kong, there is a large number of Jews have their own laws, rules, and regulation for each and every task and all of them must follow these. Just like other religions, the Jewish religion also allows them to eat certain types of foods while prohibiting other types of foods. The foods that they are allowed to eat are known as the kosher foods. For example, the meat of cows, sheep, and goats, is kosher.
Almost every person in the Jewish community is either a student or a job-holder. This makes their lives very just as they have to work at jobs as well as in their homes 24/7. Most of the times, they don’t get enough time to cook food at home and therefore, rely on the packaged foods or restaurants. They prefer to buy instant or ready-made foods from grocery store and restaurants. Especially on weekends and in holiday season, the comes to the restaurants in great numbers to eat kosher foods. In this way, majority of the restaurant offer the kosher foods to make profits through serving the Jewish larger community in Hong Kong.


Kosher food in Hong Kong

Kosher Products in Hong Kong

By seeing the greater interest of Jewish community into the kosher foods, many food manufacturers have started making kosher foods. For example, they make different salad dressings, vanilla products, and many other products which comes under kosher foods. They prepared the kosher foods in a great variety in the form of chilled/frozen food. These kosher food come in various sizes of packaging based on the quantities. In this way, any person can buy this based on his needs and consumption capacity. Almost every big grocery store in Hong Kong sells the chilled/frozen foods labelled as Kosher and hence enhance their profit margins.

Kosher Product

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