Gluten-Free Foods in Hong Kong Foodservice


Are you a gluten-free food restaurant and looking for the availability of gluten-free food in Hong Kong? Whether you know about the gluten-free diet or not, this article will help you in knowing about it in detail.

 What is Gluten-Free?

Gluten is basically a protein which is mostly found in certain grains such as barley, wheat, and rye etc. Although gluten is save for most of the people but at the same time, it is better to avoid for some people. The people with celiac disease should avoid consuming the gluten containing diet. Similarly, the people with gluten sensitivity are also recommended to avoid this diet in order to stay safe from a number of health issues. Gluten-free diet possesses a number of health benefits to all people whether they have any certain health condition or not. For example, the gluten free diet improves the cholesterol levels, boosts the energy level, and promotes the digestive health. Another great advantage of eating the gluten free diet is that it completely eliminates the processed and unhealthy foods from your diet such as fried food, oil, desserts, etc. Some famous examples of gluten free foods are corn, beans, soy, maize, rice, and potato etc.


Gluten-Free Foods Influence on Hong Kong Restaurants and Foodservice

In Hong Kong, you will see that the majority of the community is very conscious about their diet intake. They are lovely people who are not only concerned for other things but also about their health. A majority of them prefer to eat gluten free foods and there are number of brands who label their products as gluten free. Even in restaurants, the average yearly selling of gluten free foods is greater than the other foods. Restaurants, bars and hotels are all concerned about providing enough variety of gluten free foods. Whenever the people go for grocery, most of their grocery items are gluten free. You will definitely find a great variety but at the same time, there is a huge variety of gluten free food. Due to this growing concern for health benefits of gluten free diet, the Hong Kong food industry is specifically focusing on providing more gluten free foods.


Gluten-Free food in Hong Kong

Gluten-Free Products in Hong Kong

The food manufacturers are now giving more attention towards preparing the gluten free foods. There are a number of food ingredients readily available in different quantities or packaging. These food ingredients are labels as “Gluten-Free” so that you can easily see on the package. There are different brands who are making different gluten-free products. For example, you can get an amazing variety of salads dressings which are gluten free. You can also find a number of gluten free vanilla products, frozen soups and pastas. People in Hong Kong are now switching towards eating gluten free pastas and soups due to its health benefits. Therefore, you will easily get such products in the markets as well as in restaurants in Hong Kong.

Gluten-Free Products

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