Global Fine Foods Limited (GFF) is a wholly owned subsidiary of GCC. As a wholesale food distributor we supply an abundance of products to restaurants, hotels, colleges, cruise ships and other catering establishments in Hong Kong. GFF is dedicated to our Mission Statement of "Helping Our Customers Succeed".

What we do?
GFF is committed to exceeding your expectations by delivering high quality products to your establishment on time. We provide you with a wide range of high quality products and service to choose from. We can make these promises because of our greatest asset, our wonderful staff and facilities who are committed to do their best for you.

Why GFF?
GFF is successful because we help you in being successful. We offer high quality products delivered on time and in the freshest condition possible. GFF is much more than just products; we offer services that our customers can use to increase their success. With our team of committed professionals we are always ready to support your business to our full extent. Our team eats, lives and sleeps in the food service industry. Our decisions are made with input from our customers.
If your needs are for a Complete Solution, GFF is the company for you.